Sound Galaxies Crystal Singing Bowls “Made in Germany” 


  Perfect purity creates high energy. Our products consist 99.998% of the purest  quartz.We heat the quartz to 2,200 degrees Celsius and bring it to its final form through centrifugation. This pure quartz produces a crystal clear sound with a wide range of overtones. A singing bowl of this quality and subtlety can never be mass produced and is always a unique treasure.


Our bowls are manufactured exclusively in Germany so that we can control the production process at all times. We select the best materials in order to meet the highest quality requirements. Each of our crystal singing bowls is a unique piece and speaks for itself.

The usage of these high-grade crystal singing bowls is diverse.

Whether for sound therapy, for SPA and Wellness or as sonorous interior design,

they are versatile.


 Finished with Swarovski® Crystals.