How does sound work?


Only the Sound Galaxy Crystal Singing Bowls have a special finishing, that allows this pure sound quality with these effective vibrations.

Many years of research and testing have made it possible, that these bowls have the highest quality that you cannot find somewhere else.


Crystal sounds are like a massage from the inside.

The harmonic, rich, pure sounds of the crystal singing bowls generate a meditative deep relaxation. These overtones help to harmonize the imbalances in the body or completely set them aside. The sound waves bring parts of the human body in motion and is a gentle massage from the inside.

Because of this, generated vibrations work on a deep level. The human body consists of approximately 70% water, so the body fluids respond to the vibrations of the crystal singing bowls like water. So physical tensions can be relaxed. It is also one of the most effective methods to release mental blockages. Even ancient tribes understood the healing power of sound.

The self-confidence can grow, intuition and creativity are stimulated, and vitality is returned to our daily life.

Our crystal singing bowls are made of the purest 99.998% quartz. This is heated to 2,200 degrees Celsius, and converted by centrifugation into its shape. This pure quartz ensures crystal clear sound with a wide range of overtones.