Need to know/FAQ

The Material


Highest Quality and purity



Our crystal singing bowls are made of the purest 99.998% quartz. This is heated to 2,200 degrees Celsius, and converted by centrifugation into its shape. This pure quartz ensures crystal clear sound with a wide range of overtones. A singing bowl of this quality is not mass produced and therefore are unique pieces. The bowls are exclusively produced in Germany and are manufactured only from selected materials under stringent quality requirements,


The History of Sound Massages

Sound massage is based on ancient knowledge concerning the effect of sounds that was applied in Indian healing therapy as long as 5000 years ago. According to Eastern ideas, mankind was created out of sound, i.e. he is sound. Also according to the beliefs of the aborigines, the earth and all what exists inside was “sung” into existence.

If a human being is "in tune" with himself or herself and his environment, then he or she is able to arrange his or her life freely and creatively.