Scope of Application

The application of these high quality crystal singing bowls is diverse. They can be used for sound therapy, for SPA, wellness and rehabilitation or alternatively for tuneful interior design.


Soundtherapy for Therapists and Masseurs!

The sound Galaxies crystal bowls have been tested for many years and have been improved through continuous research and tests all over the years. They work faster and more effectively than other ordinary sound treatments like e.g. Tibetan metal Singing Bowls and are the ideal addition for your therapy.

Scope of Application:


- Holistic relaxation

- Strengthen the ability to concentrate

- Strengthen the body's energy centers

- Improvement of sleep quality

- Better circulation of skin and muscles

- Reinforced removal of metabolic products (e.g. lymphatic drainage)

- Advancement of body awareness

- Stimulation of the nerves

- Vitalization and recovery of the cell structure

- Emotional balance

- Improved rhythm of life

- Increase energy - and much more


Rehabilitation:  (Oncology, Burn Out, Physiotherapy, Psychological Clinic etc.) 

Positive effects:

While you relax with the Sound Galaxies Crystal Bowls, the vibration of the music is transferred to the body. Gentle waves stimulate the body's cells and produce many positive effects like as you can see above and boost the body awareness and stimulation of the nerve cell structure and revitalization.

This can enhance life rhythm and emotional balance.

Due to the intense acoustic and physical sense of music the most people relax faster and deeper. You can release the everyday stress and after a few minutes you can find your inner peace, and your body and mind can regenerate.

Sound Galaxies crystal singing bowls are the ideal application method for patients who suffer from physical and psychological disharmonic conditions, like: stress, fatigue, tension, nervousness, lack of energy, sleep disturbances, mood swings, lack of motivation, etc.


New Sounds for Wellness and Spa Hotels!

Send your guests into the acoustic wellness getaway, with the sound of Galaxies Crystal Singing Bowls!